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Evangelization work in ELCT Ulanga-Kilombero Diocese started in the year 1913 when a German Missionary Dr. Alexander Merensky and his team from Berlin Mission arrived at Lwamate, Tanganyika Masagati in Kilombero District.

Ulanga-Kilombero became synod on 1st January, 1975 and diocese on 6th June, 1993. The first Bishop was Rev. Abel Mwambungu.

The head office of the ELCT-UKD is in the township of Ifakara, Kilombero District. The head office is at the suburb of Milola.

The service area of ELCT Ulanga-Kilombero Diocese covers governmental districts of Ulanga, Malinyi, Kilombero and southern part Kilosa district.

ELCT-UKD works with different partners in carrying out its works. Underneath are the official cooperating partners:

-Christian Social Service Commission (CSSC)
-Church of Sweden
-Danish Lutheran Mission (DLM)
-Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Eastern Washington Idaho Synod
-Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria, Mission EineWelt
-Evangelisch-Lutherisches Missionswerk Leipzig
-Langenhorner Tanzania Arbeitskreis
-Lugala Arbeitskreis, Kreiskirchenamt Sangerhausen
-Lutheran Mission Cooperation (LMC)
-Richland Lutheran Church
-SolidaMed-Switzerland Organization working for health in Africa
-Swedish Evangelical Mission (SEM/EFS)
-Tanzania Ministry of Health

Leadership of the ELCT-UKD

Rt. Rev. Renard K. Mtenji

Assistant Bishop
Dean Paulson Matimbwi
Mob:+255 762 758989

General Secretary
Mr. Philorian M. Mpendaye
       +255689970143 and

Ms. Genrose Joel Matimbwi

Office Contact
ELCT Ulanga-Kilombero Diocese
P.O. Box 194 Ifakara, Tanzania
Milola Area, Off TAZARA Station Road
Tel:+255 23 2625159

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Sunday 3 February 2019


Dining Hall at Tumaini Lutheran Seminary-Completion Works 
In July, 2018 students of Tumaini Lutheran Seminary-Malinyi ate under shed for the first time after the completion of the first phase of construction of the dining hall.

In January, 2019 ELCT-UKD commenced the works to complete the rest of the structure.

Thanks to the generous support from friends of Idaho/Washington Synod and Munich Airport Rotary Club.

Solar water heater installed at Lugala Lutheran Hospital
In March, 2017, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania, Ulanga-Kilombero Diocese has installed solar water heater at the laundry of Lugala Lutheran Hospital in Malinyi, Tanzania. The initiative using this renewable energy technology has been driven by the reasons of: protecting environment through reducing the amount of firewood, reducing the emission of the greenhouse gases and cutting down costs of running the laundry.

The installation work was done through the financial and technical supports from Engineers Without Borders-Sweden that is a non-profit, non-political and non-confessional association that strives to enable appropriate engineering methods and approaches for empowerment of disadvantaged communities and for sustainable development throughout the world.

The installation was the results of the study instituted by Tanzania Renewable Energy Association (TAREA) in cooperation with Lund University,Sweden. The study was implemented by the two students from Lund University,  Mona Norbaeck and Sofia Pettersson Spar.
Training of wives of pastors from ELCT-UKD on counselling
Evangelical Lutheran Church-Tanzania (ELCT), Diocese of Ulanga-Kilombero (UKD) conducted training to the female pastors and wives of pastors on counselling. The training was conducted on 6-10 February, 2017 at the Catholic Centre of Mbingu Sisters.

The goal of ELCT-UKD conducting this training was to increase women access to the counselling service at the parish level. With increasing load at the parish, pastors have short time to attend counselling. In addition females feel comfortable when they present their challenges to the fellow females.
The wives of the pastors were accompanied by their husbands. 4 pastors and their wives were not able to attend. The total participants to the training were 63. There were persons that supported the success of the training consisting Bishop’s secretary, drivers-4, Diocesan Secretary for Women and Children, 2 Trainers and 4 children carers. 

The training was facilitated by Rev. Oswald Ndelwa, Lecturer-Pastoral Counselling, Iringa University, and Ms. Magreth Kidasi, Nursing Officer, Specialist in Psychiatry, Counselling on HIV/AIDS and Home based care and Clinical Pastoral Education.
 The training covered the areas of:
(1) Introduction to the concept of counselling
(2) Bible as foundation of pastoral counselling
(3) Needs of the person that is being counselled
(4) Types of counselling
(5) Types of problems
(6) Care and counselling of the marriage
(7) Solving life challenges
(8) Wife of the pastor and role of counselling
(9) Benefits of the counselling to the church
There was an opportunity of Bishop Rev, Renard Mtenji meeting
diocesan pastors out of the training schedule to discuss work in

ELCT-UKD honoured the first Bishop
 Parishioners of Ulanga Kilombero Diocese made the fund raising to honour the first Diocesan Bishop Rev. Abel Mwambungu. Bishop Mwambungu was presented with vehicle to help him private travels and when he has been called for the mission. The presentation ceremony was held on 18th December, 2016.
ELCT-UKD supported mission stations with motorbikes
Means of transport is one of challenges facing pastors of ELCT-UKD. Some mission stations are located in the areas that are hardly accessible and lack of appropriate means of transport limit the work of pastors. Pastors from such mission stations have to walk or ride bicycles to serve people.

On 6 January, 2017 ELCT-UKD provided three motorbikes to mission station areas of Luhombero, Lupiro and Tanga.
Pastor Delius Kindergarten saving Kiberege Community
One of the community services provided by ELCT-UKD is the provision of child pre-school education in cooperation with friends of Tanzania Arbeitskreis from Hamburg. In March, 2017 new one classroom and two toilets have been completed to improve the service. The  pre-school at Kiberege has a capacity of serving 40 children.

Fr. Delius Kindergarten is the sixth care centre. Other kindergartens, with number of children served in the brackets, are M.s Strobert-Milola (90), Bishop Abel Mwambungu-Ifakara {80),  Ruaha Parish Kindergarten School (67), Mkamba Parish Kindergarten School (45) and Bishop Renard Mtenji-Mngeta (35).
Solar Photovoltaic  System for Tanganyika Masagati Dispensary
Lutheran Church Diocese of Ulanga-Kilombero owns Tanganyika Masagati Dispensary that is cared by Lugala Lutheran District Designated Hospital. Tanganyika Masagati Dispensary is located in Kilombero District, Morogoro region in Tanzania. It is in the off-grid remote area, 70km from the possible grid connection point. The dispensary did not have electricity as economy of the customers could not enable the use of petrol generator.

In November, 2016, with support from Power4Africa (Germany), Solarworld (Germany) and USAID, dispensary was installed with solar photovoltaic system of 1.7kW.
Solar photovoltaic system at Tanganyika Masagati supplies electricity to the medical service building and 3 staff houses.  Members of staff are no longer feeling isolated as they can watch televisions and have reliable and safe light.

Dispensary has improved its service as it can use electronic equipment for diagnosis and there is enough room light.

Dining hall construction at Tumaini goes well
ELCT Ulanga-Kilombero Diocese through financial support of Idaho/Washington Synod is building dining hall at Tumaini Lutheran Seminary, in Malinyi. Dining hall will serve about 400 persons.

The project is going well and before the end of the first semester 2017, children will be eating under the shed.

ELCT-UKD and Langenhorner Tanzania Arbeitskreis work on Children Education Scaled Up

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania Ulanga-Kilombero Diocese (ELCT-UKD) and friends of Langenhorner Tansanische Arbeitskreis (TAK) are working together in promoting pre-school education of children in the districts of Ulanga, Kilombero and part of Kilosa. They have plan in place to extend their operation to the Malinyi district.

ELCT-UKD and TAK cooperate with members of the local communities to establish the pre-schools. The schools are operated under the ownership of the parishes

Pre-schools that are already running are at the parishes of, number of children served in brackets:
Milola (90)
Ifakara (80)
Ruaha (67)
Mkamba (45)
Mngeta (35)

There are parishes that operate pre-schools that are not yet registered in the partnership. The schools are at the parishes of Msolwa Station, Mang'ula B, Mang'ula-Mwaya, Ikule, and Longusha Street.

There are other villages that are earmarked for future development. These villages will be added in the program depending on the funds availability. The villages are Kiberege, Masagati-Lwamate and Lugala(Uchindile).

In the months of June-July, 2016, a delegation of 2 people from Langenhorner Tanzania Arbeitskreis (Hamburg) visited ELCT-UKD. The delegation consisted of Mr. Lothar Schaefer and Mrs. Adelheid Schaefer.

20 Students from Tumaini Luth. Seminary-Malinyi Join Form V in 2016
The performance of Tumaini Lutheran Seminary-Malinyi is gaining a positive slope. 20 students among those who set for the Ordinary Level Secondary School Examination in the year 2015 have been selected to join Advanced Level at different secondary schools. Read the details here.
Graduands of Tumaini Luth. Seminary, 2015

New Hope to the students at Tumaini Luth. Seminary-Malinyi
May, 2016
A dream of  students of Tumaini Lutheran Seminary in Malinyi of having dining hall will soon come true after ELCT Ulanga-Kilombero Diocese has received a financial contribution from Eastern Washington-Idaho Synod to continue with the construction work. The continuation of the construction works commenced in May, 2016.

The work is under the supervision of local committee consisting of the Tumaini Lutheran Seminary Management and representative teachers. 
Visit of Friends from Eastern Washington-Idaho Synod
February, 2016
ELCT Ulanga-Kilombero Diocese received a delegation from Idaho Synod, USA. The delegation visited Tumaini Lutheran Seminary that is supported by the Idaho Synod from 14th to 16th February, 2016.

Idaho Synod delegation consisted of Wayne and Marj Nishek, Marv Dunbar and Earl Tilly. The delegation was accompanied by the engineers Rainer Schacht and Matthew Matimbwi.

Installation of ELCT UKD Officers
January, 2016
On the Sunday of 24th January, 2016 there was a service of installation of diocesan officers of ELCT Ulanga-Kilombero Diocese that took place at Milola Cathedral, Ifakara. The service was led by the retired Bishop Abel Mwambungu. Bishop Mwambungu inspired parishioners to respect and love one another.

The installation session was led by the Diocesan Bishop Rt. Rev. Renard Mtenji. The officers that were installed are Rev. Moses Nwaka- Assistant to the Bishop, Rev. Jonathan Kyelula- District Pastor for Ifakara, Rev. Wilson Nyakachewa-Secretary for Christian Education and Youth, Rev. Yusuph Mbago-Secretary for Mission and Evangelism, and Dr. Immanuel Chogo-Secretary for Health and Deacon.

The event attracted Assistants to the Bishops of the Southern Dioceses and the District Commissioner of Kilombero District.

The installation of Rev. Madson Kihwele who is the District Pastor for Kilombero is planned to be held on 7th February, 2016.

ELCT-UKD constructs hostel at Milola, Ifakara

ELCT-UKD is constructing a hostel to serve guests at the headquarter, Milola, Ifakara. The hostel is being constructed through the financial and in-kind contribution of the parishioners. When the hostel is complete, it will provide services of accommodation and conference facilities.

Contributions in terms of finance and in-kind are welcome. Further information is available from Diocesan General Secretary, mpendaye@gmail.com and  +255784 731012, +255 689 970143 and +255 759 346285

Pastor John Kilamlya passed away
Pastor John Kilamlya who was serving the parish of Kihansi in ELCT Ulanga-Kilombero Diocese, passed away on 15th August, 2015 after long illness. Pastor Kilamlya was brought to rest in peace at his home village of Mlimba.

Pastor Kilamlya was born on 5th April, 1941 and married to Ms. Agnes Mwiyola in the year 1969 at Tanganyika Masagati.

Pastor Kilamlya started serving the church at the position of the bush school in Lupembe in the year 1962.

In the period of 1967 to 1969, he attended Kidugala Bible School where he graduated as evangelist. 

Pastor Kilamlya served different stations and positions as following:
1969-Evangelist at Lwamate
1969 to 1975- Evangelist and Treasurer at Tanganyika Masagati Parish
1976 to 1977-Upgrading training at Kidugala Bible School
1977 to 1979-Parish Senior Evangelist at Mang'ula
1984-Promotion to the level of Pastor
1984 to 1986-Pastor at Tanganyika Masagati
1987 to 1998-District Pastor Mlimba
1999 to 2010-Pastor Kihansi Parish


ELCT-UKD Service Centre
ELCT-UKD provides services to the population in its service area through centres detailed below.
Lugala Lutheran Hospital 
Lugala Lutheran Hospital provides health services to the population of West Ulanga and Southern West Kilombero. The Medical Officer in Charge of the hospital is Dr. Moses John Mwemi. Contact Mob:+255787099242 Email:mjmwemi@gmail.com

Lugala Nursing School
Lugala Nursing School trains young people on the medical nursing. The school has improved the availability of the human resources at Lugala Lutheran Hospital. The head of the school is Mr. Deodatus Kiatu. Contact Mob:+255716032508 Email:kiatudeo@gmail.com

Tumaini Lutheran Seminary
Tumaini Lutheran Seminary consists of two academic institutions. The first institution is the Bible School that trains evangelists, and second institution is Tumaini Secondary School that offers secondary school education. The Director of the centre is Rev. Fadhil Mpolo. Contact Mob:+255787436406 Email:tumiseminary@gmail.com


Districts of ELCT-UKD
ELCT-UKD is made of 4 districts namely Ifakara, Kilombero, Mlimba and Ulanga.

Ifakara district
Ifakara district consists of the parishes of Idete, Ifakara, Mbingu A, Mbingu B, Milola and Mngeta. The head office of Ifakara district is located at Viwanja Sitini, Ifakara Parish. The district pastor is Rev. Jonathan Kyelula. Contact Mob:+255784808107
Kilombero district
Kilombero district consists of the parishes of Kiberege, Kilombero, Mang'ula, Mkamba, Msolwa and Ruaha. The head office of Kilombero district is located at Ruaha parish. The district pastor is Rev. Madson Kihwele. Contact Mob:+255784267481

Mlimba district
Mlimba district consists of the parishes of Chita, Ikule, Kihansi, Matema, Mlimba, Tanganyika Masagati and Uchindile. The head office of Mlimba district is located at Mlimba, Mlimba parish. The district pastor is Rev. Benjamin Swale. Contact Mob:+255784433687
Ulanga district
Ulanga district consists of the parishes of Kipingo, Luhombero, Lupiro, Mahenge, Mtimbira and Tanga. The head office is located at Kipingo, Kipingo parish in Malinyi. The district pastor is Rev. Essau Wihagile. Contact Mob:+255689296280


Diocesan Departments
The work of ELCT-UKD is managed by departments. Underneath are departments and their roles.

Department of Christian Education, Youth and High Education
The Department is responsible for the implementation of Christian education, youth development, and high education of the diocesan human resource. The Secretary for the department is Rev. Gasto Luvanda. Contact:Mob:+255682287391 Email:elctukd@gmail.com

Department of Women and Children
The department is responsible for the implementation of activities that aim at developing women and children. All activities implemented by this department mainstream gender issues. The Secretary for the department is Rev. Ms. Faith Fussi. Contact Mob:+255655633240 Email:fussifaith@yahoo.com

ELCT-UKD runs kindergartens at the parishes of Ruaha, Mkamba, Kiberege, Milola, Ifakara, Mahenge, Tanganyika-Masagati and Mngeta.

Department of Mission and Evangelization
The department is responsible for the mission and evangelization. It is the department responsible for the realization of the core value of the church work. The Secretary for the department is Rev. Fidelis Duma. Contact Mob:+255787375377 Email:elctukd@gmail.com

Department of Planning and Development
The department is responsible for planning and developing projects in the diocese. The projects that are implemented by the department aim at improving the welfare of parishioners and the realization of mission and evangelization works. Currently, the department is managed by the Rev. Ezekiel A. Mwambungu. Contact Mob:+255784355582/+255764 369719 Email:ezeukd@gmail.com

ELCT-UKD implements projects of nursing school at Lugala Hospital, hostel construction at Diocesan Office, dining hall construction at Tumaini Lutheran Seminary, cattle revolving fund, and reforestation at Uchindile.

Department of Health and Deacon
The department is responsible for the provision of health and social welfare services to the population living in the service area of ELCT-UKD. The Secretary of the department is Dr. Emmanuel Chogo. Contact Mob:+255786665800 Email:emmanuel.chogo@gmail.com

The department through Lugala Lutheran Hospital manages dispensaries at Ngalimila and Tanganyika Masagati. There is a new dispensary under construction at Kitete Outreach Station, Ruaha Parish.